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This website is a personal experiment, where I could keep my projects on file, occasionally posting some professional, educational and creative content. This publishing will help me express myself, free out the mind and have a new space and inspiration for future findings. 

Here is a little info about myself and where I want to be.

My name is Nik, I am passionate about creating stuff and want to change the world.

I was born and raised in USSR, and at High school I enjoyed science, art and coding. Studying Marketing, I started as a designer, exploring my talents in ads, 3D, and the world wide web. My dream was always to be in America one day. I first visited the United States when I was 22.

While working on various product design, web and application development projects in New York City, I always wanted to see a bigger picture. So was challenged to learn about creating professional software.

I moved to Colorado in 2014. I enjoy the combination of outdoors culture, science, education and the tech community over here. I am currently finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Colorado State University (Go RAMs!) and will graduate in May of 2018.

While at school, beyond the assignments, I worked in the University's 3D Printing Lab in an IT role, where I was in charge of building a new lab portal on the website with user registration forms, training scheduling calendar, 3D printer reservation and other interactive pages.

In Summer 2017, I took Software Developer Internship position at one nationwide engineering company. I was working in a team on developing, debugging and fine-tuning the GIS web application helping engineers build a better pipeline network.

Today, I am looking for Software Engineering or Development opportunities, ideally in Northern Colorado area, where my background in User-oriented approach may also be applied. 

You can see and download my most updated resume on my Dropbox folder: Nik's current resume

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have a cool project or a job opportunity!

Thanks for stopping by!


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